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April 19, 2018

Are you trying to get a literary agent? Are the agencies sending you form rejection letters or not responding at all? Do you want to get an agency to call you back and ask for your manuscript after reading your query letter?

For over three years I was the assistant to a highly-successful New York City literary agent who represented numerous NY Times Bestsellers, made film deals with major studios, and sold manuscripts to publishers all over the world.

During that time a large part of my job was reading and evaluating unsolicited query letters, proposals, and manuscripts from the slush pile. Like most agents' assistants, I had the full authority to reject anything. Each day the agent and I would meet and go over promising query letters, and with my guidance she would pick which ones to call back and ask for additional material. Often there were none that jumped out at us as anything special -- and most days there were only one or possibly two that merited her attention.

After all that time in the trenches in a top New York agency, I can truly say without overstating it, that I have the ultimate inside knowledge on what the query letter readers are looking for.

Were there queries that I rejected that probably would have been great books worthy of representation by our agency? Absolutely, I have no doubt. But most authors simply have wrong ideas about how to truly make their query letter get an agent's or agent's assistant's attention -- because most of what has been previously written or told about writing an effective query letter is complete nonsense.


For proof of this, just go find your favorite magazine article or book on the subject of writing an effective query letter, and examine the author's background credentials. What does it say? Author of dozens of magazine articles? Writing teacher? Ghostwriter? Former editor? Those might be nice jobs to have, but none of them are truly relevant to getting the absolute no-nonsense facts about the what the literary agency slush pile trolls are looking for.

I can tell you why one query letter gets a form rejection letter while another query letter makes the agent go weak in the knees and scramble for the phone. And it's not what you might think!

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In my opinion, the books on "how to get published" are full of B.S. and are basically there to stroke your fragile ego and try to make you feel good about being a writer. Those books are there to keep wannabe writers feeling warm and cozy, so they can keep you coming back year after year to gobble up their new books and classes. What a crock!

Here's the truth:

I don't care if you become a NY Times Bestseller or not. I don't care if you're a good writer or a schlockmeister. I don't care if you went to the Iowa Writer's Workshop or barely passed 5th Grade English. I don't care if you ever get discovered, and I'm not here to hold your hand. I just need money to pay my bills and so I'm doing something that should have been done long ago -- I'm blowing the lid off the Literary Agent industry with my secret insider's report: Literary Agent Secrets Revealed.

This is the stuff you won't hear at writers' conferences, at writing schools, in writers' magazines, or even from fellow authors who have made it. Literary Agents certainly aren't going to tell you what I'm going to tell you, because the knowledge I'll share with you will help make your query letter leap out of the pack and genuinely excite agents -- whether your book is any good or not.

Make sure you understand that. What I'm telling you is, I'm not here to help you make your actual book any better than it already is. I'm just going to show you how to get agencies to get happy when they read your query letter and call you back asking for the manuscript. That's it!

And my method works -- IF you follow my instructions.

Keep in mind, you do NOT have to lie about anything in your query letter or otherwise. You do not have to spin the truth or fabricate anything. This is not a set of "tricks", this is a set of secrets.

It Works!Buy it Now -- $12

The biggest problem is that many authors think they know everything, and a lot of you will buy my report, read it, then blissfully ignore my advice and do it your own way.

Suit yourself. You stand almost no chance of getting your manuscript noticed if you try to wing it with your own self-invented methods.

I read over 100,000 query letters in my time in New York publishing. I read and recommended to my agent boss queries for fiction, non-fiction, childrens', YA, how-to, investigative journalism, category fiction, literary fiction, etc., etc. -- truly every genre imaginable.

Do I guarantee that your book will be accepted, published, become a bestseller, and made into a movie? No! What I do guarantee is that after reading my report, you will know the TRUTH about what a good query letter is, and that will solidly enhance your chances of getting noticed!

My report does not offer precious, pretentious nonsense. My report is practical, utterly commercial, and is not designed to try to make you feel good about being a writer. It's basically a step-by-step guide on what how to create the perfect, unrejectable query letter. I don't care if I'm ruffling feathers or making agents' jobs harder (ie, instead of seeing one or two good query letters a day, if a lot of people read and use the instructions in my report, the agents will be asking for a lot more manuscripts :-) Will you still get rejections after reading my report? Of course you will. Dealing with rejection is part of the job of being a writer. My report will give you a true edge, but it's not a magic bullet. Also -- it's possible that what you want to write about is just incomprehensible or just too uncommercial for New York publishing, but sometimes even those issues won't sink a truly great query letter.


My report does not list a bunch of agents for you to contact. The agents' names and contact information is widely available elsewhere. My report does not tell you what kind of book to write. If you don't know what you want to write, you have no business thinking about finding an agent. My report is for the author who is ready to market his or her query letter, proposal, or finished manuscript. If you have been making the rounds and suffering rejection and need a fresh start -- or if you are just about to launch your "baby" into the fierce world of professional New York publishing -- you need to read this report.

You have either spent a year writing a book, or you are contemplating spending a year writing a book. Isn't $12 worth it to know how to position and offer your work in the most appealing and knowledgable light -- while avoiding all the landmines that cause agents and their assistants to instantly reject your query letter?

Don't be clueless! Buy it now. $12.

Immediately after paying, you will be able to download my report and read it right away. There is nothing to wait for in the postal mail.

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